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Hello Friend!

I’ve got to tell you about this amazing experience…

My Kung Fu journey around Southeast Asia recently landed me on the “Island of the Gods” (Bali, Indonesia) in search of perfect waves and exotic Pencak Silat styles.

To my delight, I found both!

From May through October the waves are easy to find in Bali, as it is a “Mecca” for epic surf.

However, I’ve been to Bali 9 times before and Pencak Silat has always eluded me.

You see, Pencak Silat is often kept quite secret in Indonesia, only taught to family members and close friends.

I had heard about a style of Pencak Silat in Bali called Bakti Negara, but was never able to find an instructor willing to teach it to me.

Until now!

In fact, I found Gusman Wiranta, the grandson of the founder of Bakti Negara Pencak Silat, the most famous style of Silat from Bali, Indonesia.

Gusman is also the author of the book “Bakti Negara Fundamentals”.

He invited me to his home where I had an amazing private lesson and he gave me a signed copy of his book!

Mr. Wiranta showed me some amazing techniques, some of which I have seen before and some that I haven’t.

I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity to train Pencak Silat in the home of Pencak Silat, Indonesia!

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