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  • Martial Arts Legend

    I highly recommend the Dirty Boxing Course by Daniel Sullivan. It is a great contribution to the martial arts and MMA community. This course will be a classic!

    Dan Inosanto, Martial Arts Legend
  • 2 Time World Shooto Champion

    Daniel Sullivan's Dirty Boxing program is great for street fighting, self-defense and fitness. The techniques are easy to implement into a boxing, kickboxing or MMA format.

    Erik Paulson, 2 Time World Shooto Champion


  • Master of Kalis Ilustrisimo

    Very good videos. Very practical. Buy these videos. Great for street fighting. Good to protect yourself while walking in dark areas. It helps my technique also. It adds to my technique.

    Tony Diego, Master of Kalis Ilustrisimo
  • Coach of several UFC Champions

    If you're looking to improve your striking and get some real self-defense striking drills. This is bar none some of the best striking I've seen and some of the best drills I've seen.
    You've got to get Daniel Sulivan's Dirty Boxing series. It is one of the best. I'm having my classes use it all the time right now to build up their central skills for self-defense.

    Greg Nelson, Coach of several UFC Champions